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A Quick-ish Life Update

So I thought I’d just give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to of late as sometimes it’s just not always possible to write an individual blog post on everything that’s been happening.  It’s been an extremely busy couple of months and I’d be lying to you if I said I was getting the full 8 hours of recommended sleep per night, lol.

London Fashion Week

I can’t believe how quickly London Fashion Week went this season. Mind you I always find the February Fashion Week always goes by so quickly in comparison to September.  I had a busy one going to shows in between juggling meetings with existing and potential clients for YML Fashion .

I also spoke at the Fashion Connect event in Canary Wharf on marketing strategies for fashion brands alongside Shirley Atengdem De Lawrence the creative director of Demur Magazine (below pic).⠀

The Women With Ambition Talk Show

During the past month I have been busy filming with three fabulous ladies (Chanel, Sarah and Lola) as part of a new talk show called Women With Ambition launching on Tuesday 1st May. The show will touch on a range of topics aimed at inspiring and supporting other women which is something I am genuinely passionate about so did not hesitate to say yes when I was approached to join as a co-host. We will also be sharing with you our own personal journeys, our views on how to deal with a number of challenging life experiences and so much more.

For updates follow the show instagram page here and join our Facebook group here if you’re interested in networking with other ambitious women building their dreams from all over the globe. In this group we will be sharing tips, encouraging, connecting and inspiring each other.

Photography by Baixinha Photography

My Inspirational Art range

I added a few new greeting card designs to my Inspirational Art range .

I have also been busy sketching some more designs and playing around with some new print fabrics. For me working on my art range is my therapy. I feel so fulfilled that I am able to use this gift I adopted from my grandfather Pierre to touch the lives of other women in such a positive way.

Congolese women in Business Event

I will be speaking at the forthcoming Congolese women in business event which will be taking place in London on Saturday 31st March.

Profits from event will go towards to the Malaika school and the ESIMBI Program in Kinshasa (Congo DRC).

You can purchase tickets for this event via the following link:

And there you have it! I know I said it was a quick-ish update lol so please forgive me for the essay.


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