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ALL THE SINGLE LADIES (ALL THE SINGLE LADIES) …OH, OH, OH : Attract your ideal partner this year

I recently hosted a vision board party at my house and my word was it powerful!

I always knew the power of vision boards and I genuinely assumed most people had also come across this concept but how wrong was I !!!!. Vision boards are an amazing tool for manifesting your goals, celebrities such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres, Sara Blakely, Steve Harvey and many more all created vision boards that came true. I personally think it’s definitely worth spending some time putting one together. Once you understand the power of it they’ll be no turning back!!!

I love the below clip of Sara Blakely giving a speech on the power of visualisation:

Anyway enough of the rambling, I just really wanted to share with you that the guys over at Whathereallythinks.co.uk are hosting a relationship vision board workshop next month in London on Saturday 17th Feb.  Whether you want to attract your ideal partner this year or improve your existing relationship, You can, using the power of Vision Boards!

During the 2 hour workshop attendees will get to create a vision board that will:

– Provide clarity on their relationship goals and build the foundation of a successful long-term relationship
– Get taught how to use the board to attract their ideal partner and stay focused and motivated
– Bring their life goals and aspirations to life through the power of a Vision Board

Tickets for the event are very limited so book here and start building your ideal relationship in 2018.



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