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An Exclusive Evening with Private Congolese-French Chef Mick Élysée in aid of the Wonder Foundation

To kick of my pre- birthday celebrations on Saturday night I attended an exclusive evening with Private Congolese-French chef Mick Élysée. The sold out night was in aid of the Wonder Foundation, a charity dedicated to empowering vulnerable people through education.

Mick has over 18 years experience and began his professional training in Toulouse, France. However his love of cooking started from a young age where he would frequently sneak into his mother’s kitchen to steal food from her pan while she was busy setting the table for dinner. Family and friends enjoyed her meals so much you could see the joy on their faces. It was so delicious that he decided to learn how to create such tasteful dishes.

After spending some time travelling the world he came to London and fell in love with the city and decided to settle here. In his early days here, Mick worked at Sketch under the famous chef Pierre Gagnaire and then at Haymarket with Robin Read, another famous chef. However the lack of African cuisine was what propelled him to follow his vision of creating ‘Afro-Fusion’ dishes.

Being of Congolese heritage myself I was really excited to sample his afro-fusion twist on some of our most popular dishes and ingredients such as Liboké ( steamed fish in banana leaves) and fumbwa (wild Congolese vegetable) and he sure did not disappoint!.

Congolese food Liboké

I also got to see a glimpse of Chef Mick and his staff in action who were beyond excellent. The food I must say was absolutely delicious as I can be one hell of a fussy eater.

Congolese- French Chef Mick Élysée

Below pic: Lamb filet with peanut sauce, biteku-teku, okra and cassava roots

I was completely blown away by the fumbwa shot (wild Congolese vegetable)! – Below pic

fumbwa shot

For desert we had chocolate tart with exotic fruits infused in Luyeye honey and Kivu coffee cream. Usually I’m not a fan of chocolate tarts but this one I loved.

Luyeye honey and Kivu coffee

I was also delighted to receive a copy of Mick’s new cookbook showcasing his favourite healthy African inspired recipes and can’t wait to try some of them but I think I’ll start off with the easy level ones lol.

Congolese cuisine

For more information on this wonderful evening and future pop-ups contact Kay Flawless PR – www.kayflawless.com

For more information on Mick Élysée visit www.mickelysee.com  


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