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Beauty: Audace skincare’s London Launch featuring Chinese actor Ming Dow

On Saturday I attended the launch of Audace’s new line of luxury skin care products at the London EDITION Hotel. Speakers at the event included the famous Chinese actor Ming Dow, HOII founder Amity Lin and Audace founder Sandra Ai Lee.

Audace which means ‘courage’ in French appears to already be very well established in Asia.  Their exciting new product range consists of a carefully constructed facial mask and body spray. The patented liposome encapsulation technology used effectively helps the skin to fully absorb nutritional components of the mask. Rich in vitamins and trace elements, it effectively and quickly soothes skin and improves skin tolerance.

HOII one of the co-founders of Audace is well on it’s a mission to revolutionise sun care. Its unique and patented material converts harmful UV light from the sun into beneficial light spectrums that improve the skin’s appearance.

It was so interesting listening about the brand’s ethos as I personally haven’t come across this concept before.


At the end of the talks we were informed that one of the floating balloons had confetti inside and whoever got it would win a trip for two to Bali. So guess what? we all got popping!!!!!! Unfortunately I didn’t win but the below two lucky ladies won the trip to Bali!!!! I was sooooooooo gutted as I was literally standing in front of the balloon which had the confetti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

Overall it was a lovely evening. I got to catch-up with so many people I hadn’t seen in ages which was also nice. And as you can tell from the pic below I am currently obsessed with floral dresses and blue lipstick , who would have ever thought eh, lol.


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