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Cooking an Afro-Fusion dish during quarantine with Congolese-French Gourmet chef Mick Élysée

So last week I had the pleasure of attending a Zoom cooking class with the one and only Congolese-French gourmet chef Mick Élysée. Some of you may recall from this earlier blog post that I was first introduced to this talented afro-fusion chef a couple of years ago on my birthday at his incredible pop-up restaurant in Shoreditch London.  Therefore, when the opportunity to learn one of his amazing dishes presented itself I off course jumped on it. The task at hand was to recreate his plantain croquant with chicken thigh, white wine spinach and aubergine dish. Unfortunately I did not have all the required ingredients at the time so just patiently watched and took a loooottttttt of notes because there was no way I wasn’t getting it right and unfortunately I don’t have the privilege of having him on speed dial in case I had any questions lol.

So on Sunday I decided to have a go and started by selecting all the herbs I needed from my balcony garden.

I then washed all the veg using apple cider vinegar although you can off course also use turmeric then got cooking.

I not only impressed myself during this cooking process but also learnt the valuable lesson that I do not, I repeat DO NOT need all those spices in my kitchen cupboard. The various flavours created from this dish with limited seasoning were so delicious. It was even more so of a treat for me because I only eat meat twice a month as I am on what I call a ‘part-time’ vegan journey, please don’t judge me.

Below are some of the pics of how my dish turned out. I’ve really missed dining out so it was great to have a first class dining experience at home.

For the full recipe visit Mick’s Instagram page here


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