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Designer Spotlight: PCP Clothing // The Zero waste brand

Whilst at the Pure London tradeshow I came across PCP Clothing, a sustainable Greek brand based in Thessaloniki founded in 2014. I was naturally drawn to their brightly coloured stand and leggings on display as I love bright colours!!! I got chatting to the creative director Pella Christina and discovered there was so much more to this brand. After finishing her degree in Fashion and Textile Design, Pella decided to join the family business in clothing manufacturing and start her own label. What started off as a university project has now become the inspiration to the modern 80’s themed leggings, clothing line, and accessories that are beating all odds during an economic crisis. Their whole ethos is based on a zero waste concept as they do not waste any fabric. All their left over fabrics either gets made into hair scrunches or used as cushion fillers. Pella is determined to make the world a better place in any way she can and you could tell she was genuinely passionate about sustainability.

Below pic: creative director Pella Christina holding up one of their stylish vegan pieces

Pella Christina

Their apparel assortment includes items such as leggings for lifestyle, athletic activities and girls’ night out, hand loomed jackets, eco furs, and swimwear. They even had beautiful vegan pieces in their collection.

They are well known for their high quality premium leggings offered in more than 100 colours and has a presence in over 200 stores in Greece and Cyprus and in 50 more stores worldwide.

I especially fell in love with their pink faux fur jackets 🙂

PCP Clothing

Check them out at

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