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From Science to Fashion : An interview with NYFW designer Lavanya Coodly

I caught up with fashion designer Lavanya Coodly who recently showcased her beautiful AW18 collection during New York Fashion Week.

So how does one transition from years of working in the science field to now working in the world of fashion? Well let’s find out just how and more …

I know you spent many years working in the science field. Can you tell us a bit more about your fashion journey and what inspired you to follow this passion?

I had always nurtured my passion for textiles, design and fashion even though my original career track did not directly have anything to do with them. When you think about it, fashion is part of our daily existence even if it isn’t evident.

How long have you had your brand? And what are some of the challenges you have experienced?

My brand has been in existence since 2013. We started with 38 styles. We have a superb production team and our challenges have been few and far between. Having said that, we are constantly seeking new markets and would love to find ways to get more people to try our garments.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your new collection and why you decided to showcase during New York Fashion Week?

The inspiration behind the autumn and winter 2018 collection is the idea of wearing an outfit and immediately feeling transported to a place far away. The idea of travelling without leaving is fascinating to me.

Lavanya Coodly

What makes your collections unique?

We make a consistent effort to source raw materials from women owned enterprises and use hand craftsmanship in our designs. They are very important to me.

What is the price range of your pieces?

Our clothes have a rather wide price range. They start at $45 and go upwards depending on the fabric, construction and embellishment.

Your collection is aimed at the urban woman who is bohemian at heart. Which well known figures in today’s society would you say represent this type of woman?

There is a free spirited, bohemian side to many of us. I see a lot of actors and musicians fit this category. Gwen Stefani, Niki Minaj, Rita Ora, Rooney Mara, Alicia Vikander, Elizabeth Banks, Dakota Johnson, Dev Patel, Robert Downey Jr., Leo Dicaprio, Priyanka Chopra and Freida Pinto come to mind. Honestly, there are so many others that belong in this group that it would be impossible to name them all.

Lavanya Coodly

What would you consider to be some of your brand highlights thus far?

Dressing miss world is one of our highlights.

What’s your favourite quote?


And finally when you’re not designing you’re…

Listening to music, spending time with family and traveling.

Lavanya Coodly New York Fashion Week

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  1. Lavs wishing you all the very best for the Bohemian future-
    find your statement subtlety intoxicating … …
    Keep it coming.

    Yolande -‘English Breakfast Darling ‘is indeed interesting…
    Do try ‘Darjeeling Fisrt Flush’ you may perhaps fall in love with it…
    Happy brewing…..

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