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My journey to simple living

A major realisation for me during these Covid-19 times has most definitely been a need for me to live a more simplified life. Spending so much time at home and actually having the headspace to think has proven to be so beneficial. I have been really thinking about how I want my life to look like post Covid-19 and one thing that became apparent to me was the need to live more simply. Now by this I do not mean I want to necessarily become a minimalist (which yes I have tried to in the past and failed miserably but will share that story in another post).

The following are some of the changes I have already been making

  • Stopped multi-tasking – I was definitely the multi-tasking queen and now focus on doing one task at a time. In fact Psychology Today reported that multi-tasking can decrease productivity levels by up to 40%!!!!
  • Decluttered my wardrobe and home – The physical reduction of clutter in the home has been proven to boost concentration. Decluttering my wardrobe was so overwhelming but thankfully I got there in the end. I really did not realise how much I had acquired and the amount of new items with tags was shocking. Also I did not realise just how much Tupperware and clear floral vases I owned (shame on me!). I have been able to sell some of my items on the Vinted and Depop apps and donated several bags to my local charity shop now that they have reopened. It was so liberating and just to warn you it can get very addictive to the point where I almost donated our much needed bedroom chair.
  • Only purchased items I love – Yep that’s right, just because you decide to opt for a more simplistic life does not mean you should stop shopping altogether. However the difference now is that I only buy items I love and now have a wish list which I stick to. There’s no more browsing sale items and impulse purchases. Also if I do want to purchase an item I wait 1-2 weeks before making the purchase to ensure I really want it.
  • Reduced my daily to do list – reducing my daily tasks to 3 top things each day has really boosted my productivity. I used to be that person with a page long to do list struggling to achieve each one and as a result experienced burnout on a regular basis. In my 20’s this was achievable but I realise now in my 30’s I just no longer have the same level of steam nor really need to torture myself like that.
  • Limited my time on social media – Long gone are the days where I would spend hours on Instagram scrolling through beautiful plants and unusual ceramics lol. I now limit myself to the amount of time I spend on there and in fact no longer use it on a daily basis.

I must say I am excited about this new chapter and am already reaping the rewards!!! Living simply can truly help us find meaning, balance and grow spiritually. I also want to focus more on the amazing relationships I have in my life now that I have more time and generally feel less distracted.

Let me know what positive changes you have been making during this time.


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