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Travel: A short break to Ilfracombe, North Devon

I had been meaning to go on a short break for some time, however the thought of taking a break within the UK had not even crossed my mind until a friend suggested we go to Ilfracombe in North Devon. It then hit me that whenever I picture going on holiday it generally has to involve boarding a plane and actually leaving the UK in order for me to feel like I’ve actually had a break. How many of you feel the same way? I’m sure I’m not the only one (smacks hand across face lol). No but seriously after doing a bit of research on Ilframcombe I found myself getting rather excited and started really looking forward to the trip.

We travelled from London so it took several hours and train changes to get there as I could not bear to drive up there, that’s a lot of hours of driving. I learned my lesson when I unrealistically drove to Montpellier, South of France from London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that was what you call a NIGHTMARE.

We arrived in the evening so quickly grabbed some food and went straight to bed so we could be up early the next day.

A few of the many activities available included clay pigeon shooting, fishing, horse riding, cycling and surfing. We did do a fair bit of walking because the views were just breath-taking and therapeutic at the same time.

On our first day we visited the Harbour. Overlooking the harbour was artist Damien Hirst’s ‘Verity’, a 20m tall bronze statue of a pregnant woman.  The statue depicts a naked pregnant woman with half of her body exposing ligaments and viscera while holding aloft a sword and standing on a base of legal books. ‘Verity’ meaning ‘truth’ in italian – represents a ‘modern allegory of truth and justice’ and references Hirst’s earlier bronze artwork ‘virgin mother’ from 2005.

Damien Hirst Verity

Whilst at the harbour we hopped on the Ilfracombe Princess boat for a trip around the coast.


I’m a real sucker for tea and cake so you can imagine my excitement after hearing about the amazing tea and scones served up at Hele Corn Mill . We walked a fair bit to get there but it was well worth it. The owners, a lovely couple who once lived in London, served us some of the best scones I have ever had.

Hele Corn Mill

Hele Corn Mill

Hele Corn Mill

We were so stuffed and knew we had to try and walk it off so stopped by Hele Bay Beach for a bit before the 30 minute walk back to our hotel.

Ilfracombe North Devon

On our last day we visited Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe’s award winning beach and popular wedding location. On our tour we learned a lot about its history including how Tunnels Beaches transformed what was a quiet fishing village into a popular seaside resort.

Tunnels Beaches

Overall I had such a wonderful time in Ilfracombe and will definitely visit again sometime in the near future.

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