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WHO RUN THE WORLD? … GIRLS : An Evening with London Based Internationally Acclaimed Artist Pauline Amos

artist pauline amos

So on Tuesday night I had the pleasure of witnessing a ‘live’ art performance with music by the internationally acclaimed British artist Pauline Amos. The event which took place at the Stolen Space Gallery in Shoreditch London, featured Pauline’s new 40 feet by 12 feet painting ‘Pity The Meat’ which pays homage to the writing of Deleuze and Francis Bacon.

Pauline Amos

It was the first time in 14 years Amos was presenting a ‘durational’ performance in a gallery, the previous being in Rome at the Opera Paese gallery producing her renowned Opera Paese painting. Amos launched her first exhibition in London 2005, showing the Opera Paese painting with a price tag of £1.3m.

Artist Pauline Amos

I loved the boldness of the painting and just seeing an artist in action as opposed to just the finished painting. She courageously took us (the audience) along with her on her journey of creating a surrealist ‘graffiti ambience’ alongside the music of Paz Caplin, whom she has collaborated with since 1999 and yes we were indeed hooked.

Below: Artist Pauline Amos in action at the ‘Pity The Meat’ Exhibition

Also presented for the first time at Stolen Space Gallery, in addition to Amos’ original work was her new limited edition screen prints, produced in conjunction with jealous gallery and the first vinyl album by Amos and Caplin, also titled ‘Pity The Meat’.

Overall I had a wonderful evening and met some really interesting people, to learn more about Pauline’s work visit :

Instagram: @Paulineamos_art

pauline amos

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